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Thomas Ang

Senior Division Associate Director
CEA: R049294B
Estate Agency Lic. No.:L3009250K

Area Of Specialization

Private Condo Sales/Rental
HDB Sales/Rental
Landed House Sales/Rental
Commercial Sales/Rental

Credentials and Awards

Hello Sir/Mdm,

Thank you for taking the time to explore the services I can offer you. Let's begin...

Those who know me well would describe me as a responsible, passionate, and highly motivated individual. In addition to my welcoming demeanor, I possess extensive experience in providing real estate solutions. Many of my clients trust my commitment to going the extra mile, often referring their friends and family to me, knowing that I consistently surpass their expectations.

As a result, I've successfully carved out a niche among clients due to my service-oriented approach. My expertise spans the entire spectrum of real estate services, honed through two decades of corporate experience in multinational corporations, which you can learn more about in my LinkedIn profile (

I've learned to prioritize listening to my clients and finding tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. I am adept at multitasking, thrive under pressure, meet deadlines, and excel in team collaboration to deliver impeccable service to our clients.

I am also supported by a robust team in the AAG Division, consisting of skilled business partners across all sectors of real estate. Together, we leverage our individual strengths to deliver synergistic solutions.

While actions often speak louder than words, I've also garnered recognition and accolades over the past decade in the real estate industry, further solidifying my commitment to excellence.

* 10 Year Loyalty Award *
SEAA Award - Gold [2023]
Super Gold Award in Jan, Feb, March, April, July, Aug, Sept, Oct
Top 33rd in March
Top 30th in July
Top 31st in Sept
Top 24th in Q3
Star Performer in Q1/Q2/Q3
Invited to Orangetee augurated Luxe Team (Oct)
Promoted to Senior Associate Group Director (July)

SEAA Award - Gold [2022]
Super Gold Award in Jan, Feb, March, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec
Top 40 in Sept
Star Performer in Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
Star Performer 2022 - Private Residential Leasing
Star Performer 2022 - Most Number of reviews
Top 107 Achievers - 2022 (OrangeTee Company)

SEAA Award - Silver [2021]
Emerald Award in Mar, May. Aug, Sept
Star Performer in Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4
Sapphire Award in Feb, April
Promoted to Associate Group Director (May)
Ruby Award in June (Orangetee Company)
Champion Associate Group Director in Nov (Orangetee Company)
Top 10 in Nov (Orangetee Company)
Gold Award in Nov (Orangetee Company)
Star Performer 2021 - Private Residential Leasing
Star Performer 2021 - Most Number of reviews
Top 72 Achievers - 2021 (OrangeTee Company)
Top 10 Recruiters - 2021 (OrangeTee Company)

SEAA Award - Silver [2021]
Star Performer in Q1/Q3 (OrangeTee Company)
Emerald Award in June, Aug & Sept (OrangeTee Company)
Gold Award in Nov ( OrangeTee Company)
Star Performer 2020 - Private Residential Leasing
Top 31 Achievers - 2020 (AAG Group)
Top 59 Achievers - 2020 (OrangeTee Company)

Star Performer in Q1/Q2 (OrangeTee Company)
Top 32th Achiever Q1 AAG Group
Top Achiever No 26 in June (Orangetee Company)
Top 31th Achiever Q2 AAG Group
Top 38 Achievers - 2019 (AAG Group)
Top 135 Achievers - 2019 (OrangeTee Company)
Star Performer 2019 - Private Residential Leasing

Promoted to Associate Deputy Group Director
Top Achievers - Jan, Feb, Mar (AA [Alpha Achiever's Team)
Top Achiever No 36 in April (Orangetee Company)
Top 26 Top Achiever Q2 AAG Group
Star Performer in Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 (OrangeTee Company)
Star Performer 2018 - Private Residential Leasing
Top 21 Achievers - 2018 (AAG Group)
Top 90 Achievers - 2018 (OrangeTee Company)

Top Achievers - Apr, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov (AA [Alpha Achiever's Team)
Star Performer Award - Q2 (OrangeTee Company)
Top 62 Achievers - 2017 (OrangeTee Company)

Top Achievers - May, Jun, July (AA [Alpha Achiever's Team)
Promoted to Senior Associate Director
Star Awards - Jun'16 (OrangeTee Company)
Top 86 Achievers - 2016 (OrangeTee Company)

Top Achievers - Sep, Nov, Dec (Roy Chang Team)
Top 30 Achievers - Dec'15(OrangeTee Company)
Top 30 Achievers - Q4'15(OrangeTee Company)
Top 75 Achievers - 2015 (OrangeTee Company)

Top Achievers - Jun, Oct (Roy Chang Team)
Promoted to Senior Associate Manager - Sep'14
Promoted to Associate Director - Jan'15
TOP Categories - Rookie for Outstanding 2014
Top 170 Achievers for 2014(OrangeTee Company)

Top Achievers - Jun (Roy Chang Team)
Promoted to Sr Associate Marketing Executive - Jun
Promoted to Assistant Associate Manager - Aug
Promoted to Associate Manager - Nov

Have a blessed day ahead.

Yours truly,

Thomas Ang 洪瑞兴
Senior Associate Group Director
[email protected]
CEA No: R049294B

Who Am I?

Hello Sir/Mdm,

Thank you for taking time to further understand what services I can offer you. First to begin...

People who knows me better, will describe to me as a responsible, passionate, motivated person. Apart from a friendly appearance, I also equip with a broad experiences in offering real estate solutions. Many clients will refers many of their friends and families to me believing that I will always made the extra miles to exceed their expectation.

So in turn I have successfully carve out a niche amongst clients, with a good service orientated attitude. My experience covers end-to-end services which has been applied and developed across my 2 decades of corporate MNC work experience, see my profile in LinkedIN. (

I have learnt to always listen and seek solutions to meet my customers’ needs, understanding their requirement and offering different perspectives. Also the ability to multi-task and work under pressure, meeting deadline, and work cohesively as a team to deliver impeccable service to clients.

I am backed by a very strong team in AAG Division (Ivan Tan Associate) consisting of business partners in all sectors of real estate where we leverage on our strengths and synergize our deliverable.

Much have been said, nothing speaks louder than words then to prove otherwise especially my awards & achievement made in a short stink in real estate.


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