Singapore HDB Estate - Ang Mo Kio

About Ang Mo Kio
The name Ang Mo Kio has two possible meanings in the Hokkien dialect: it could either mean the "Red Tomato", or the "Bridge of the Caucasian". The Caucasian suggested could be a British Lady called Lady Jennifer Windsor, who owned a large piece of estate in the Upper Thomson Area. Today, Ang Mo Kio offers a wide array of facilities and amenities for the residents to work and play. Moreover, new residential projects such as Teck Ghee Parkview are springing up in the area, interweaving the old and the new to cater to the changing needs of residents.

Ang Mo Kio has an estimated 149,600 HDB resident population and about 48,915 flats. It is divided into 12 subzones. A distinctive landmark in Ang Mo Kio is the circular point block at the entrance of the housing estates from Upper Thomson Road. Until today, the block remains the only HDB block with the distinctive circular design. AMK Hub, which is situated right next to Ang Mo Kio MRT station, is the major shopping and entertainment hub for the town's residents.
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