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CEA: R042214F
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"They shared their knowledge of choosing the right houses which we appreciate a lot. Within 2 weeks, we found our dream house.

They were able to negotiate very well with the seller and bargain the price to our advantage. We were very happy with the purchase price. Kudos to them!

We highly recommended that any one that is interested to buy house in the near future, please approach them and you will not regret it!"

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Wayne & Candy
A Heartfelt Thanks to Jeffrey and Elaine

We need to share our heartfelt awesome experience with Jeffrey and Elaine.

Buying the right unit for investment can be daunting, especially when you’re a first-time upgrader.

​To the needs of one, by being heard or being listened makes a huge difference. Jeffrey and Elaine listened with their hearts and they even look beyond and provide other possibilities for our consideration that matches our needs closely.

​By knowing when to chime in with valuable information and providing us with insightful inputs, both Jeffrey and Elaine are the enablers to our key decision-making.

Sincerity and professionalism which have been demonstrated beyond the values of Sincerus true reflection that were shown by Jeffrey and Elaine.

These have left us with an unforgettable and remarkable experience and memorable event for our families.

Jeffrey and Elaine have created an awesome impression and experience feel for real estate industry which will be an investment game changer for anyone who engage them.

Definitely will recommend them strongly to friends who are keen to explore future property purchase.

Once again, A Big Thank You to Jeffrey and Elaine.

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Mr & Mrs Wong
I would like to send a note of appreciation & commendation to Jeffrey Heng & Elaine Chia for their dedication & professionalism in their handling of our recent property transaction.

​Jeffrey & Elaine are the most sincere property consultants that we have had the pleasure of working with when we decided to engage their help with the sale of our HDB flat & the planning of our next property purchase.

​Right from the first time we met Jeffrey & Elaine, they have been very forthcoming & honest with us on their objective of helping us make the right decision on our property purchase plan. Their emphasis on getting the most accurate financial figures from us in order to setup a clear and realistic affordability plan really helps us on making the right and informed decision for our next steps. There were never an instance of hard-selling or overly optimistic projections during the planning process, and they respectfully advise us to take time to think through the proposal instead of making a rushed decision helps us have clarity to eventually proceed with the plan.

With their combined experience and team resources, Jeffrey & Elaine went to work very effectively & helped us secured an above-target offer for our flat within less than a month, and patiently facilitated our shortlisting of our potential new home until we made a choice, & they expertly negotiated a fair deal to help us secure our choice unit.

The entire house selling to house hunting process was managed so smoothly by them that we did not feel any stress with the process. We were always given very prompt advise on what to expect & prepare for each step, & now we are already busy but happily awaiting the completion of our new house renovation to be complete for moving in in April.

This entire journey over the past 6 months has been such a peaceful & enjoyable experience made possible with Jeffrey & Elaine's help & we truly appreciate their hard work & friendship in taking care of our family's next home.
Joshua and Veronica
I am writing in to share our selling & subsequently, buying experience with Jeffrey & Elaine. ​

I think it is an understatement to say that they are the most professional & patient real estate agents that my wife & I have ever met. Not only did they manage to sell our first property at a higher than expected price, they also negotiated the buying price of our next property down to something that is more palatable to our budget.

They were patient throughout the entire process & never failed to offer their professional advice from a realtor's perspective. Not only do they have to go through the usual process of making sure that the needs of my wife, my mum & my kids' are fulfilled, they had to pass the hurdle of my fengshui master as well, making the house hunting process a very lengthy one.

We finally came across one particular property which meets all our requirements after viewing more than 20 over listings & we thought that this is it, but Jeffrey and Elaine still offered their POV that the property is overpriced in their opinion.

And I think this is really what sets them apart from the other agents, because if it were the other agents, they would have most likely dropped us as clients due to our cumbersome house searching criteria as well as the length of time they would need to invest in finding us the right house. But they didn't drop us, nor stop in their efforts to find us the perfect house. And even after finding the 'perfect' house, they didn't just take the easy way out and let us buy an overpriced property.

The end result is a very happy family of 6 who have made a good profit from the selling of the first property and then profited again from the purchase of the perfect property that was not overpriced.

Hence I would like to express my deepest & most sincere gratitude & thank Jeffrey & Elaine for their professionalism, patience & excellent service rendered!

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Jeff Yeo
Words from Clients-turned-friends!

We engaged Jeffrey's and Elaine's services to sell our Punggol unit and to purchase a resale unit in the East area.

Throughout the whole selling and purchasing process, they have been most patient with us: in explaining the procedures, appealing to HDB for selling our unit before MOP, giving advice on the selling and purchasing prices, etc. They are also very accommodating and prompt in scheduling the house-viewing. As such, we were able to sell our Punggol unit and buy our resale unit almost concurrently.​

We are most glad to have engaged Jeffrey and Elaine as our agents, as the transactions were carried out smoothly and everything went according to our plans. We are now looking forward to moving into our new home.

And we would definitely recommend their efficient services to our relatives or friends.

Yvonne ~ "Elaine, your understudy misses you too. She always mentions about you from time to time, especially when she puts on her heels. She will say Aunty Elaine also wears heels like her."
Ian and Yvonne

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