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CEA: R059634I
Estate Agency Lic. No.:L3008022J

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Private Condo Sales/Rental
HDB Sales/Rental

Who Am I?

Greetings to all !
Just a short introduction of myself.

I have been in the Sales and Marketing(Digital and Traditional) Industry for many years and what prompted me to enter into this Property Industry is the fufilment which I got when I personally transacted my own house.
This experience further galvanised my notion that in this disrupted digital economy, is not about Buy/Sell engagement with your client but of providing up-to-date, efficient, accurate and responsive information to your client. Furthermore, owning property will most likey be the most expensive asset that anyone can get during their lifetime. So, a good knowledge of Asset and Wealth Management is very important which I have a strong belief in it.
Meanwhile, my first and foremost principle is to put myself in the shoes of the buyer/seller so as to ensure that my clients’ needs are well taken care of and always remain contactable.

So, if you are looking for an agent who not just will take care of your buy/sell process and exceed your expectations, I hope I can be of service to you.

To have a non-oblibation discussion meet up on how you can manage your property, you can contact me at 9858 1770

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