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David Yong

Senior Marketing Director
CEA: R060393J
Estate Agency Lic. No.:L3002382K

Area Of Specialization

Landed House Sales/Rental
Private Condo Sales/Rental
Commercial Sales/Rental
HDB Sales/Rental


David had been effective marketing my Ardmore unit and it was sold within 1 month with one viewing. The selling price was more than $500k above the last transaction. Totally happy with the result.
David helped me sold my 4rm HDB within one week at $23k above valuation. He also helped me buy my first private property at a very good price, without stretching my finances and I looked forward to buy my second property in the near future.
David is earnest and gives honest advices for me to make the right decision.
Thanks David. Appreciate your efforts. Few agents are like you. I will discuss with my wife and get back to you soonest! Thanks again.
David sold my landed house within 5 weeks when my expectation was 6-9 months. He was simply efficient and provided weekly updates on the numbers of enquiries as well as feedback of viewings.
Mr Lee
David sold my Bartley 1bedder within 4 weeks at my asking price. Happy with his service and efficiency.
Ms How
David is very hardworking and sincere. He managed to sell my semi-D within 2 mths during Circuit Breaker for >$80k above the last offer and meet my price expectation.
Mr Ang

Credentials and Awards

David's Awards for 2019-2020
Top ERA 8 Achievers – May 2020
Top ERA New Achiever - May 2020
Top 3 New Achievers GROW - Apr 2020
Top 29 Achievers GROW - Apr 2020
Top New Achiever GROW - Q1 2020
Top 26 Achievers GROW - Q1 2020
Top 4 New Achievers ERA - For 2019
Top 221 Achievers ERA - For 2019
Top Rookie GROW - For 2019
Top 6 Achievers GROW - For 2019
Top 18 Achievers GROW – Dec 19
Top 50 ERA Achievers – Q3 19
Top 12 Achievers ERA EA – Aug 19
Top 25 ERA Achievers EA - Jul 19
Top 2 Achievers ERA EA – Q2 2019
Top 4 Achievers ERA EA - Jun 19
Top 11 ERA Achievers - May 19
Top Project Achievers ERA EA - May 19
Top 6 Achievers ERA EA - Apr 19
Top 11 Achievers ERA EA – Q1 2019
Top 2 New Achievers ERA EA – Q1 2019
Top 10 Achievers ERA EA - Mar 19
Top 5 ERA New Achievers - Mar 19
Top 8 Achievers ERA EA - Feb 19
Top 3 New Achievers ERA EA - Feb 19

I am someone who will put my client’s interest before mine as goodwill will breed more goodwill.
I hope to hear from you if you have any interest of BUYING/SELLING or RENTING your properties.

Services Provided:
- Complimentary Full Home Report
- Professional Home Photoshoot/Home Staging
- Indicative X-Value/ Independent Valuation Report
- Comprehensive Financial Calculation
- Detailed Timeline Planning
- Maximum Marketing Exposure
- Professional Presentation & Knowledge
- Cash Out for Other Opportunities
- Scout for Value-Buy Properties
- Find Qualified Buyers or Tenants
- Recognise when it’s time to Move rather than Renovate

Who Am I?


David was a Lieutenant-Colonel from the Republic of Singapore Navy, serving the nation for 24 years before joining the real estate industry.

Since 2001, David had invested in 7 local and 2 overseas properties himself, thus accumulated much experiences that he can share with his clients. Owning two or more properties at the same time without financial stress and using his savings had been his forte since 2007.

From the time he bought his 2nd property in 2005 and sold his 1st property in 2007, he realised the need for an assets progression plan and identified three golden rules in property investment. With his strategies, David had rode through the 2003 SARS Crisis, 2008 Lehman Brothers Crisis and the milder 2011/2016 Sovereign Debt Crisis.

David believes in working with his clients for a long term relationship, helping them to build their portfolio of properties prudently according to their needs and goals.
He will go the extra miles to assist his clients to get the right properties, as well as make sure his clients have peace of mind.

Call David (Hp 97645409) for the opportunity to work with you for your next property investment.



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