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FAQ: X-ValueTM
What Is X-Value?

A: A computer-generated estimate of a home's market value.

How do I use X-Value?

A: As a starting point or guide for pricing a home. We strongly recommend that you work with a qualified real estate agent who can help you evaluate the X-Value; use Home ReportTM to advise you on arriving at the final price of the home; help you estimate your pre-valuation financing needs; and assist you with an official appraisal from a certified valuer.

How accurate is the X-Value?

A: X-Value is based on the same real-time transaction data which powers the SRX Property Price Index. X-Value is the pricing standard with more than 100,000 requests each month. Most transactions fall within 2.9% of the X-Value.

How do I find a qualified real estate agent?

A: Below the X-Value results are two groups of agents who can help you. You can choose from agents who are advertising relevant listings; or you can select from the profiles of Qualified Transactors who have recently completed deals within or near your selected home unit.

Is X-Value an appraisal?

A: No. An appraisal is an expert valuation conducted by certified valuers for tax legal, and financing purposes. At the appropriate time in the property transaction process, we strongly recommend that you purchase an official valuation.

How is X-Value determined?

A: The computer employs a best practices methodology based on Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). The inputs are real-time, relevant, recent and similar transactions that meet a strict CMA criteria.

Why is there a big difference between my X-Value and figures provided by other websites that claim to have
a similar pricing service?

A: InfoComm Authority of Singapore (IDA) and StreetSine Technologies Group funded the development of X-Value over the course of a year that included research, development and testing with major institutions. X-Value caters to most complex pricing scenarios, including those that involve homes with relatively few recent similar transactions. We are confident that our pricing tools, including the X-Value and Home ReportTM, are the most rigorous pricing tools available in the market.

How do I find which similar transactions that were used in calculating X-Value?

A: Contact a real estate agent affiliated with the Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX). They have an application called Agent ConnectTM that can display the similar transactions.

What happens If there are no similar, recent transactions for a home?

A: The computer will use the most relevant SRX Price Index to adjust older, similar transactions so that they are relevant to today's market. For more information on SRX Price Indices, see our White Paper.

What happens If there Is a difference between the X-Value and an official appraisal?

A: Pricing a home is part science, part human judgment. X-Value offers a purely mathematical estimation of the home, but it is not an official appraisal that employs human judgment. If there is a difference, we would strongly recommend asking your valuer and real estate agent to review the transactions in the X-Value and the official appraisal to identify the reason for the differences. You then can decide which factors to consider (or discount) in the final pricing of the home to buy or sell.

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