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Quickly find what any property in Singapore should be renting for, by using Rental X-ValueTM and leveraging the same information used by real estate professionals. Whether a landlord or a tenant, looking for an entire flat or a room rental - Rental X-ValueTM is the source for the Right Home at the Right Rent.

Rental X-ValueTM  for Real-Time Property Appraisal

X-ValueTM is a computer-generated appraisal of a home's market or rental value. Developed in conjunction with government agencies and private funding, it sources from the nation's most comprehensive property database and instantaneously calculates a single value for every home using best practices methodologies, including comparable market analysis.

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International Schools

Properties Around Singapore International Schools

Taking into account the excellence of the local education system, the long waitlists at many international schools and the ever-shrinking "expat package," more and more expatriates are considering Singaporean local schools a viable option for their children.

Education in Singapore -

International or Local?

As a result of its extensive and varied expatriate community, Singapore has a large number of international schools, most catering to a specific curriculum or nationality. The largest of all, Singapore American School -- with an enrollment topping 3,800 -- has a diversified student body with representatives from more than 50 countries. As with most international schools however, the Singapore government bars Singaporeans from attending international and private schools with two notable exceptions: Anglo-Chinese International and Hwa Chong International.

The local education system, once criticized for being too rigid and specialized, and depending too much on rote learning, has made great strides in recent years to take on a more holistic approach to education. A greater focus on creative and critical thinking and life-long learning has been introduced by the Ministry of Education to address these concerns and to ensure that Singaporean students can compete and thrive on a global level.

Finding A Restaurant in    


Finding A Restaurant in Singapore

Chope helps you discover and make instant online reservations at the most exclusive restaurants in Singapore. Including features like addresses, prices, menus, reviews, recommended dishes, as well as exclusive offers, it is the smarter way to book!

Finding A Car in Singapore

sgCarMart is the number one car classifieds for buying vehicles like sports car, hybrid car, COE car, OPC car, hatchback, stationwagon, MPV, SUV, van, truck & parallel imported cars. Buy from new car dealer, parallel importer, car auction, etc. Also find useful products & services like car audio, car polishing, solar film, car accessories, car parts, car repair, car workshop, car bodykits, car tyres, sports, car mats, car stickers in this Singaporean social media marketing.

Singapore's Newspaper

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Online Publication

AsiaOne is a free-access, one-stop information mall which serves users' news, business and lifestyle needs. Within the all-encompassing portal are unique communities where users congregate online for their various interests.

Besides accessing news and infotainment from Singapore Press Holdings' (SPH) suite of newspapers, AsiaOne users can engage in special interest sites which cover finance, motoring, technology, health and various lifestyle topics.

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