Singapore HDB Estate - Tengah

About Tengah
The town is surrounded by lush greenery and has five planned housing districts, each with a unique character;
  • Plantation District: the home of community farming, with a Community Farmway running through the precincts. There will be opportunities for facilities like organic markets and “farm-to-table” dining.
  • Garden District: framed by Tengah Pond and Central Park. This picturesque setting will be complemented by the garden-themed farmway where healthy and active living will be encouraged.
  • Park District: positioned as the hub and heart of the Forest Town. It includes the vibrant town centre which will be car-free. The district will be surrounded by lush landscape and the Forrest Corridor
  • Brickland District: the district will have unobstructed views towards the Forest Corridor, where urban living synergizes with nature
  • Forest Hill District: surrounded by the Forest Corridor and greenery and is stone’s throw away from the Town Centre.

Streets in Tengah

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