Singapore HDB Estate - Bishan

About Bishan
Bishan derived its name from Peck Shan Theng cemetery (or Jade Hill Pavilion) to reflect the neighbourhood's origins as a burial ground established by Chinese immigrants from Canton. After World War II, redevelopment of the area into a housing estate was carried out to meet rising housing demand from the expanding population. There were initial fears that HDB flats in Bishan would encounter poor demand with bad fengshui due to fact that it was a former cemetery. Ironically, Bishan becomes one of the most popular towns today.

Bishan is divided into three subzones: Upper Thomson, Marymount and Bishan East with an estimated 65,700 HDB resident population and 19,665 flats in total. The main shopping centre, Junction 8, ideally situated within Bishan's town centre.
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