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Are you sitting on a 99-year time bomb?

06 Feb 2017
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We know that HDB flats come with a lease of 99 years. During a Parliamentary session on 20th January 2014, then Minister of National Development Mr. Khaw Boon Wan confirmed that, at the end of their 99-year lease, HDB flats will revert back to the landowner (HDB). The land will then be turned over to the state. This means the value of a HDB flat at the end of the lease is zero.

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Do people still buy HDB flats that are older than 30 years?

In the last 3 years, 2016 showed a record-high transaction volume of 7,670 old HDB flats. Comparing with the overall total 19,369 HDB flats sold in 2016, old HDB flats managed to clinch a 29.6% of that.

Total old transactions 2014 2016

For a typical 4-room, 2,289 old HDB flats were sold in 2016 - the highest in the last 3 years.

Total old transactions 4 Room 2014 2016

Are old HDBs still worth the money?

We show you the most expensive old HDbs for 3-room, 4-Room, 5-Room and HDB Executive. A 3-room HDB flat was transacted even at a whopping $708,000!

Total old transactions 2014 2016 Expensive

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