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The Future of Real Estate

The Future of Real Estate

Morgan Stanley recently forecasted property prices in Singapore to double. This makes sense as there is no better place to buy in Asia than Singapore when it comes to rule of law, safety, and financial stability.

Also, our property market is one of the most advanced in terms of PropTech. This is attracting a new breed of professionals to the industry who are tech savvy and analytical in their approach to transacting property assets on behalf of clients.

Recently, SRX Property sat down with Mr. Aaron Wan, Associate Division Director of ERA, to find out how young professionals are changing the industry using SRX Property technology.

What interested you in real estate?

I have always had a passion for real estate, starting with my first investment at age 23. At the time, I was a tax consultant with one of the Big 4 firms, and my goal was to become a tax partner. However, I soon realized that making partner and achieving my financial goals would take a long time - too long.

I switched to real estate where there is no cap on how much I can earn as long as I am willing to work hard and be smart about managing my business. Within 6 years of becoming an agent, I have managed to reach my initial goals, and now, as I approach 30, I have set even higher goals.

What is your typical workday like?

I set my own schedule. First thing in the morning, I swim and I help my wife get out the door to her job. After that, I turn my attention to my real estate business.

A real estate transaction does not happen every day. As a result, I must be very disciplined in my planning, marketing of properties, and servicing of clients. Each day I must do a little of everything to move my business forward. This means I spend time scheduling property viewings, staging homes, marketing, coordinating financing and other third-party services for clients, advising, and networking.

How do you use PropTech to serve your clients?

PropTech allows me to be more productive and efficient in all aspects of my business. Tools like SRX Analyzer helps me differentiate my services and provide superior advice to clients. Quality Listings, myProperty Tracker and Agent CV help get my name out and showcase my services. Quality Listings reduce days-on-the-market, which benefits both buyer and sellers. Mortgage Connect allows me to provide even more value to my clients by helping them to secure financing at the best possible interest rates and hassle-free processing.

Real estate is now digital. My job as a professional is to use PropTech to benefit my clients and my business.

Tell us about your most memorable property deal.

All deals are rewarding because there is no better feeling than helping families meet their real estate goals. But, without a doubt, the most memorable deal was buying our matrimonial home. We were fortunate to find the right home at the right price. We bought it at about $200,000 below X-Value and now, based on a comparable that just sold, we are looking at an unrealized gain of at least $180,000. It’s comforting to know that we have a secure investment with very promising upside, especially if Morgan Stanley is right that prices will double.

What are your hopes for the future?

I would like to increase my market share in District 9 (Orchard / River Valley) as well as build a large, sustainable property business. As a tax accountant, we had a term for a sustainable business: a going concern. This is the goal of any business person and SRX Property technology is helping me do it.

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