We Help You Succeed In Real Estate.

1. Find Client
mySG Home™

mySG Home helps you build your network, find clients, and protect your clients.

2. Wow Client

v360 is a no-brainer. For a ridiculously low price, home stage and showcase a home on multiple digital channels, pre-qualify buyers, and use your old v360s to get new clients.

3. Close Deal
X-Listing Price™

Toughest challenge in real estate is closing the deal. X-Listing Price is a computer- backed,valuer-backed, neutral price that everyone trusts. Seal the deal!

4. Secure Financing
Mortgage Connect™

Whether you are serving buyer or seller, get prequalified loans, best mortgage rates and fastest processing to ensure your deals have sufficient financing.

5. Take Credit
Agent CV™

SRX verifies your transactions so you can tell the world about your success. Take credit for a job WELL done in Agent CV.

Real Estate Agent Success Formula: 5 Steps + 5 Apps

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