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With over 29,000 condo for sale listings, SRX is the perfect partner to find your ideal condominium in Singapore. Our portal allows you to search for the dream condo you are looking for with ease. Users may use the filter function to search for condo sale listings near MRT stations or schools, which district they would prefer to live in and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they would like to have in their apartment.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right condo. For instance, if you are deciding between a 5-Bedroom condo in the Core Central Region (CCR) or the Rest of Central Region (RCR), you can use SRX's platform to check out the listings. You may search for specific requirements with regard to resale condos by filtering out listings by location, price range, and house size. Each listing will have its own unique qualities, such as the unit being situated on a high floor with a high ceiling and being within walking distance of an MRT station. Additionally, if you want more assurance, you may search for certified condo listings by clicking on the certified listings toggle, which will then showcase genuine listings approved by the property owner.

Users should also take note of the price trends of the area they are interested in staying in, especially if they would like to sell their condo in the future. With SRX's X-Value Tool, users may get an estimate on their apartment and understand its underlying value, all with a few simple clicks. With all these functions, SRX is here to make your experience easier by letting users control and view what matters most to them.

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