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Serene Pc Leong

Associate Group Director
CEA: R019597B
Estate Agency Lic. No.:L3008022J

Area Of Specialization

Commercial Sales/Rental
Landed House Sales/Rental
Private Condo Sales/Rental
HDB Sales/Rental


After My Marriage, I Lived In A Rental HDB Room With My Humble Wife. After Almost Two Years We Upgraded To A 5 Room HDB Maisonette. With Miss Leong's Perpectual Updates & Close Monitoring Of My MOP, Many Viewings & Encouragement I Made My First Investment Of A Landed House For Investment Cum Stay. After This Difficult Emotional & Financial Planning Breakthrough Life Is Never The Same And Is Good. I Am Thankful To Miss Leong.
I Decided To Hunt My First Investment Property Together With Serene After Meeting Up With Her On A Few Occasions. I Finally Shared My True Budget Upon Her Tactfulness And Encouragement. During That Time I Had Very Little Money To Start With. In My Heart I Had Wished Very Much To Invest On A Property After Hearing Many Success Stories But I Was Shy To Disclose My Small Intended Property Investment Value. Serene Is Patient And Served Me With Passion And I Finally Bought My First Commercial Unit.
I am grateful to Serene for convincing me to re-structure my investment portfolios in spite of my harsh comments each time. She persevered and this time round she pointed out how I could get cash without selling my treasured properties and this final shot hit my hidden desire. She told me that it was her latest discovery. I then went through the tedious and hateful procedures applying and re-applying etc with much rage and shocks that fortunately with GOD's strength I tolerated and then when all were over and favourable I realised that I almost missed this divine lap of GOD's planning for me that I am able to retire comfortably and desirably. Chills sometimes ran down my spine each time I recollect what if I did not do anything to my properties. This Covid lockdown had really helped me much! I used to have no time for myself and for once I found time for myself. Now I am stress free and unknowing to me that I am actually ready for retirement if I wish to and yet that I am able to fulfil my hopeful and desirous planning for my loved ones. At sixties my loan tenure was short and due to that I own multiple properties together with Covid salary pay cut and strict TDSR being government's strict ruling, I had thought no point discussing. In this whole exercise I am happy that I need not sell my properties and yet I am able to enjoy the luxury of stress free mind. Now I am much relieved as I need not worry over instalment payments and unforeseen illnesses. I must say again that I am thankful to Serene for assisting me through the wholesome process and I strongly recommend her service.
Shen Sim 2020
Many years ago I bought my HDB flat from Serene. I am thankful to her that recently she spend time with me during the Covid lockdown explaining to me why I should amend my current Joint ownership with my husband from joint tenancy to tenancy in common. My husband and I have no children and we are in our seventies. Serene accompanied us 4 times to HDB Board to complete the legal procedure. It could have been 3 times but she booked a separate session for us to consult the authority being neutral and professional party for peace of mind. Serene meticulously explained alternatives and consequences. She also advised me to make a will and highlighted to me that a will can be amended as and when I wish to amend. I had made a will at a small fee and now I am stress free and I no longer worried for my beloved husband in case any unforeseen happens to me. Best wishes to Serene I hope people will give her business
Chan Ah Noy 2020

Credentials and Awards

Completed Degree In Real Estate Management
Cidesco International (Zurich) ITEC (UK) CIBTAC (UK)
Certified Associate Financial Planner (AFP)
Multiple Best Direct Marketing Award (Beauty Industry)
10 Years Experience (Life Insurance Industry)
6 Years Banking Experience
Developer's Elite Marketing Sales Staff 2006/2007/2008
32nd Top Producer DTZ 20xx
Best Appreciation Award Cbre 20xx
Assistant VIce President Cbre Realty
Associate Group Director Propnex Realty

Who Am I?

I was once a school teacher and I love my job however it was heartbreaking each time I parted with the children.
I worked 6yrs in a bank and It was stable income in comparison to self employ
I was in the life insurance sector for 10 years n it was very satisfying job because each successful case translated to helping people plan their lives better
My toughest journey was when I was in business managing retail, services, direct sale training n recruitment with little cash to venture. Nevertheless it had allowed me to meet up with many successful people and some unfortunate ones too. They told their real life experiences of work, investments and even shared their personal lives. Many property investment success stories I heard here n here I met wonderful friends like Magdalene, Mrs Cheong, Ms khoo, Leona Wong, Fir, Nancy Yeo
I completed final year degree real estate studies n looking up property investments opportunity being my hobby
Using comparative analysis on the market pricing with HDB as benchmark and upon strict elaborated calculated loss and conservative loan repayment contingency planning I embarked on my first stake of investment and of course today it is facts and figures etc
I can hands on electrical, plumbing, staging and renovation works for purposeful savings
I have track record of closing near 80 units new launch projects not including resale and rental cases
I am sincere just call me anytime for buy/sell/rent n financial planning
SerenePcLeong +65 90026899

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